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Join with Us Adjani Bali Cooking Class

All categories area unit conducted in English
by Balinese chefs absolutely familiar with
Balinese preparation and culture...
and during a relaxed, friendly atmosphere
in our lovely kitchen-garden.
Locally big and sourced ingredients.
Experience authentic coconut-oil process
plus learn to form a straightforward giving.
Discover Bali family life by exploring
Kaliasem,lovina, village, chatting with native farmers
and residents or by traveling our garden
Recipes and notes provided for you to stay.
Your alternative of meat or eater dishes.

Pick-up accessible island wide
(Pick-up FREE in Lovina area)
WELCOME to Adjanibali Cooking Class
Email :

Phone number:
(+62)81236232019 or
: (+62)87762361709
Adress :jln yudistira no2 kaliasem,lovina bali,indonesia/ beside lovina post office
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Balinese Cake

       Balinese Cake [Dadar gulung}

  Dadar rolls include one family's favorite snacks since I was a kid, especially in Ramadan. Prior to the UK, I never pay attention to the serious recipe used alm. My mother was in the stir fried ingredients to the skin. Now when they want to make your own, it took several attempts before I found the dough that fit. The result is a blend of ingredients below.


Skin omelette:
► 250 gr flour
► 500 ml thin coconut milk (can be mixed with the juice of pandan leaves if you want green)
► 1 egg
► 2 tablespoons melted butter

The essence of coconut:
► 200 g desiccated coconut
► 200 gr palm sugar (granulated sugar may also be used)
► little ripe jackfruit, cut into cubes (for flavor and fragrance more sip)
► 2 tablespoons butter


Skin omelette:
► mix all ingredients, stirring, until flour dissolves and does not clot
► Heat non-stick pan, spread a little butter
► take the dough sufficiently, dispersive evenly in the pan
► wait a moment until fully cooked scrambled before being appointed (not need to be reversed)

The essence of coconut:
► stir coconut, sugar, and butter
► add a little hot water (for desiccated coconut becomes soft)
► cook over low heat, stirring to evenly
► if coconut core is ripe, add a piece of jackfruit, stir briefly.
► chill, ready to be used for pancakes.

► grab a piece of pancake, add 1 tablespoon of coconut essence
► rolls omelet containing coconut according to taste
► ready to be served

Makes about 20 pieces
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