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Join with Us Adjani Bali Cooking Class

All categories area unit conducted in English
by Balinese chefs absolutely familiar with
Balinese preparation and culture...
and during a relaxed, friendly atmosphere
in our lovely kitchen-garden.
Locally big and sourced ingredients.
Experience authentic coconut-oil process
plus learn to form a straightforward giving.
Discover Bali family life by exploring
Kaliasem,lovina, village, chatting with native farmers
and residents or by traveling our garden
Recipes and notes provided for you to stay.
Your alternative of meat or eater dishes.

Pick-up accessible island wide
(Pick-up FREE in Lovina area)
WELCOME to Adjanibali Cooking Class
Email :

Phone number:
(+62)81236232019 or
: (+62)87762361709
Adress :jln yudistira no2 kaliasem,lovina bali,indonesia/ beside lovina post office
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Cooking Class Program

Bali Cooking Class ,adjanibali,one of the best Cooking Class in lovina bali, Here you find classes that will teach you all about Balinese Food, in a pleasant and relaxing environment. You'll taste Bali culinary highlights and get new insights. You will be taught and trained with balinese people . There is a basic   course, A. vegetarian balinese cooking and B.Non Vegetarian balinese cooking" to complete your knowledge in Balinese food. If you like to choose yourself what you want to learn to cook,Please contact before.Lovina Cooking Class Adjanibali is open on january 1997 until now, we are have 1889 student from any country..all student comment are" Big experience., great experience,, one of the best thing you will do in bali.. The best souvenier you can bring home,,etc,we are recommened from many guiding book:Raugh guide 1998. Lonely planet book,1999, Let.s go south east asia book 1999.Adjani is two combinations name :ariawan and sariani,only 2-3 hours student make 5 balinese receipe,,before cooking class you can see spice medicine herbs. than countinue learn Balinese Cooking,,,

A. Vegetarian Cooking Class Program

 1.Balinese Curry


Curry  is combine of some spice in bali we are call base genep.base is spice and genep is complete ,we use base genep from more than 14 kinds of of spice. between : aromatic,ginger, ginger. ginger root,shallots,redchili,salamleafes,lime.lemonl grass,onion,dill,pepper, turmeric/ safron root},salt,coriander,etc.we add any spice with vegetables,meat,noodles,or fish

 with peanur sauce , Gado_gado is boiled vegetables add tofu.soya beans fermented [tempe] and peanut sauce .

3 Sambal Goreng Tempe






Fried soya beans fermented [tempe] add any spice than put lemmon leafes for aromatic.

  4.Verkedel kentang [ fried potato]Potato add any spice mix with eggs


5.Black Rice Pudding


[pudding is bubur, black rice is ketan hitam] add sugar coconut milk

Minimum: 2 person
Price     : $30/person or Rp 450.000/person
 Child : $20
Price including : Pick up in lovina area, mindral water,herbal tea, balinese Coffe see spice garden souvenier,ingridience,receipe.for donate greenbali
Start : 10.00 am-13.00 or 14.00-17.00

B. Non Vegetarian Cooking Class Program

1.Sate Ayam ( Chiken Satay )

 .Sate ayam is chiken satay,add peanut sauce and onion spice

2.Sate Lilit 

We do satay lilit for ceromoney, now you can do in adjanibali cooking class, mix meat or fish add young coconut and many spice

3. Ikan Pepes 

Fish in banana leaf , spice, lemmon leaf,turmuric, ( call base genep) burn in fire 

4 Urab Boiled vegetable


  Boileled vegetable with cocounut sauce, lemmon,leaf

5.Banana Pudding , ( kolak pisang)

Minimum :2person
Price :$35/person or Rp 500.000/person
 Child : $20
Price including :
Price including : Pick up in lovina area, mindral water,herbal tea, balinese coffe, see spice garden souvenier,ingridience,receipe.

  Start : 10.00 am-13.00 or 14.00-17.00


C. Mix program, Please choose A and B program 5 dishes
Minimum :2person
Price :$35/person or Rp 500.000/person
 Child : $20
Price including :
Course schedule : Evey day , start :10.00am_13.00
Please : Book one day before
Before cooking class start, you can see spice medicine herbs at adjani garden
Start : 10.00 am-13.00 or 14.00-17.00

D .  Bali Cooking Class Program

1,Betutu Ayam

* 1 head (1 ½ pounds) big cock
* 100 gr young cassava leaves, boiled
* Until soft, squeeze, cut into pieces 
* 5 tablespoons oil, for sauteing*
 Banana leaves / aluminum foil for wrapping

 2.Dadar Gulung ( balinese Cake )

► 250 gr flour
► 500 ml thin coconut milk (can be mixed with the juice of pandan leaves if you want green)
► 1 egg
► 2 tablespoons melted butter
The essence of coconut:
► 200 g desiccated coconut
► 200 gr palm sugar (granulated sugar may also be used)
► little ripe jackfruit, cut into cubes (for flavor and fragrance more sip)
► 2 tablespoons butter

3. Soto Ayam ( chiken shop )


1 whole young chicken
2.stalks lemon grass , crushed 
4 kaffir lime leaves,
 1.5 liters of water
2 tsp salt,50 grams of shrimp, fried, mashed,,2 spring onions, mashed

4.Jukut Rambanan ( Boiled Vegetables with blinese sauce)


2 bunches of green beans
2 bunches of pea leaves
2 bunches of fern leaves
1 pc banana heart
1 ptg young jackfruit
100 grams of soy bean sprouts
100 g mung bean sprouts
Belondo ½ cup (cooked until thick coconut milk once)
750 cc coconut milk
4 tablespoons of rice flour
Fried onions to taste

5.Lawar Bali (Meat, bali spice,yong coconout)


Lawar is Balinese traditional food, well-known in all over Bali ,Lawar is mixed vegetable with chopped meat, vegetable, spices, and coconut which tastes is sharpened with natural flavor

Minimum :2person
Price :$35/person or 500.000/person
Child : $20
Price including :
Course schedule : Evey day , start :10.00am_13.00
Please : Book one day before
 Start : 10.00 am-13.00 or 14.00-17.00