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Join with Us Adjani Bali Cooking Class

All categories area unit conducted in English
by Balinese chefs absolutely familiar with
Balinese preparation and culture...
and during a relaxed, friendly atmosphere
in our lovely kitchen-garden.
Locally big and sourced ingredients.
Experience authentic coconut-oil process
plus learn to form a straightforward giving.
Discover Bali family life by exploring
Kaliasem,lovina, village, chatting with native farmers
and residents or by traveling our garden
Recipes and notes provided for you to stay.
Your alternative of meat or eater dishes.

Pick-up accessible island wide
(Pick-up FREE in Lovina area)
WELCOME to Adjanibali Cooking Class
Email :

Phone number:
(+62)81236232019 or
: (+62)87762361709
Adress :jln yudistira no2 kaliasem,lovina bali,indonesia/ beside lovina post office
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Our Garden

Memorable Cooking Class with Fresh Herbs in Bali

Adjani offers cooking class with fresh herbs. For Balinese, there are many foods in which several herbs are included in them. Herbs are not only used to make food delicious but they also give health benefit to the consumers. For the times being, Balinese never stop preserving their Bali traditional foods using fresh herbs. Even though a lot foods from western, for instance come to Indonesia, Balinese foods still become the most favorite ones. By consuming these foods, they believe that they keep healthy.
In this case, one of the most common herbs used for Balinese foods is pepper. This herb might be common since it can be sold in grocery. However, when the tourists come and join the cooking class with fresh herbs in Adjani, they will be able to see truly fresh pepper. This herb creates spicy taste. It has been known that Indonesia, especially Bali is famous with spicy foods. Balinese food that use pepper as the herb is Urap Bali. In this food, pepper becomes a part of the sauce. Meanwhile, there are several vegetables such as bean sprouts, spinach, and cabbage in which the sauce is poured on them.
Pepper is also herb which is used by Balinese to cook Bebek Betutu. It is the most well-known food in Bali. Even, tourists from other country who have never come to Bali before frequently want to try this food. Adjani also opens non-vegetarian food cooking class. Bebek Betutu becomes one of foods taught by Adjani in cooking class with fresh herbs program. Nevertheless, the process of cooking this Bebek Betutu might take quite long time. Besides, the taste is so spicy. Pepper and chili are very a lot in this food. It is the best choice for those who declare as spicy food lovers.

Cooking class Adjani was founded in 1997 to the present, in addition to the cooking we also introduce various types of plants that have medicinal and spice plants
before cooking begins, we will invite the students to know the different types of medicinal plants and various types of plant spices in cooking around the site